Clyde Marine Training is the UK’s largest maritime training provider helping over 30 shipping companies find new talent every year. In 1986 Clyde Marine Training was formed with the sole aim of regenerating the training of Merchant Navy officers. With three companies and six cadets, we began the journey of Cadet Management. During this time, we were behind the introduction of GAFT and its current format of SMarT along with being involved with the creation of the current UK-wide training programme.

Most importantly we have helped thousands of cadets achieve their goal of becoming Merchant Navy officers. Many of our cadets going on to achieve long and distinguished careers and we remain proud of every one of our graduates.

The continuous improvements of our systems and staff and our involvement at all levels of the industry – MNTB Technical Committee, Chamber of Shipping Employment Committee and MNTB main board – allows us to maintain our position as the No.1 choice as a training provider for the British Merchant Navy.


We work closely with our clients to provide the highest level of service and ensure their cadets are closely monitored during all phases of training, and ensure that the following crucial elements are managed:

  • SMarT Claims – we manage the full process of claims from start to finish on behalf of our clients, complying with legislation and advising of any changes to the scheme or opportunities for further claims
  • Tonnage Tax – a complex and varied process, but through its many years of experience, including a government advisory role, CMT can guide and assist in meeting the requirements of your training obligation
  • Payroll – running a full payroll including sponsorship payments, deductions and expenses taking the stress and strain away from your Cadet Management staff
  • Cadet Paperwork – involves a multitude of legal and medical documentation which must be maintained to allow cadets to participate. CMT’s custom-built cadet database ensures that all documentation is kept up-to-date
  • Training Record Book – as one of the original contributors to the creation of this essential document, CMT carefully monitor cadet progress with an in-house assessment service, providing a client executive summary after each sea phase
  • Regular Cadet Visits – CMT training officers regularly visit colleges to ensure that each cadet has an opportunity to speak directly to them, address any issues and report their progress to the sponsoring company
  • Cadet Medicals – All cadets are kept up-to-date with all required vaccinations certificates and D&A testing
  • Cadet Travel – all cadet travel requirements are handled by our sister company Clyde Travel Management which allows us to have full booking availability, marine fares and ticketing on-site
  • STCW Training – dependent on location, all required STCW training is fulfilled by our sister company Clyde Training Solutions at their state-of-the-art training centre in Glasgow
  • Cadet Uniforms – all cadet uniform requirements are handled in-house, allowing a quality product at a cost-effective price
  • Emergency Phone – providing a 24/7 service for clients and cadets alike to call one of our training officers or managers in the event of an emergency
  • Client Extranet – all of this is underpinned by the unique CMT Client Extranet which allows sponsoring companies access to all pertinent information relating to their cadets

All these functions are undertaken by our training officers and admin teams, supported by our in-house software development team who have created industry leading software which keeps CMT at the forefront of Cadet Management.



We don’t take our success for granted. Our position as the largest maritime training provider has been achieved through the following: