When Deck Cadet Josh Jones joined ESVAGT recently he hoped to play his part in providing safety and support to others at sea.

Little did he realise he was joining a Company that had already had a profound impact on the safety of his own family, in a harrowing rescue at sea over 30 years ago.

On the night of August 21st, 1990, the ‘Esvagt Omega’ and Esvagt Protector’ picked up 46 crew members from the capsized rig ‘West Gamma’ in a full gale force storm.

One of those crew members was Michael Maguire, a materials coordinator, who would 14 years later celebrate the birth of his grandchild, a boy named Josh.

Currently undertaking a cadetship with Clyde Marine Training, Josh was in ESVAGT’s office for initial crew training and general introduction when he was struck by a list of names of those saved by ESVAGT.

On that list is a Michael Maguire.

Josh said: “It made me very proud to be working for a company that has made such a difference to my family and lots of other families.

“I knew that my grandfather had been involved in an accident offshore where him and his colleagues had to jump off the rig into the sea before it capsized but I didn’t know it was ESVAGT that rescued him.

“It made me feel very thankful to employees past and present of ESVAGT for the vital work they do every day to keep the sea a safer place to work.”

Josh is enjoying onboard training that will one day fully equip him with the ability to operate a vessel that can assist in offshore rescues and other support services.

He added: “With my current role on board as a cadet I spend the morning working on deck with the ABs [Able Seafarers) and I have night watch duties between 8pm and 12am.

“I enjoy this schedule because it allows me to see what the ABs do onboard and gives me a better understanding when I become an Office of the Watch.

“I also enjoy the bridge work as it gives me a chance to put into practise what I learn at Warsash Maritime School.”

Josh’s grandfather Michael passed away in 2009, but the legacy of his seafaring lives on through his grandson.

Josh added: “My grandfather and my other family members have had long and successful careers at sea and they influenced my career path.

“My parents are very proud of me to be working here and also happy I have joined a company with such a good reputation.

“I feel very privileged to be working alongside and learning from some of the best people in the industry.

“In ESVAGT safety is at the forefront of everything we do. In our family we understand and appreciate that more than most people.”


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