As we continue to navigate the ongoing COVID situation, many Clyde Marine Training cadets have questions around their own status.

We are responding directly to each of these enquiries, but we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers as currently known.

NOTE – Last updated on Tuesday 10th November, 2020


I am due to start college soon, what should I do?

Colleges are currently enrolling cadets online and conducting classes remotely. If you have not received any information on this and how to enrol yourself for your next phase, then please contact the college directly. If you have any difficulties, please also contact your Training Officer.


What about my exams/resits at college?

Colleges are all looking into different ways that each module can be assessed during this time to make sure that everyone completes their academics. For further information please contact the college. Your Training Officer will also make you aware of any industry updates from the MNTB/MCA in relation to examinations.


What about my short courses?

As it stands all short are now proceeding as planned, in order to facilitate this please note that both  colleges and external centres have introduced various precautions to provide a safe working environment for all attending. Should you require further information, please can you contact your Training Officer.


My medical is due to expire how will I get this renewed?

Most medicals types can now be booked and carried out either face to face or by telephone. Our admin team will book these for you, so please get in contact.

The MCA has issued a 3-month extension to all ENG1 medicals so if you are currently onboard then your medical will remain valid.

For all other medical types please contact your Training Officer who will check with the relevant issuing authority.


Will I require a Covid-19 Test or Anti-Body Test prior to joining a vessel?

Most if not all shipping companies are requesting this and if this applies to you our admin team will either book you in for an anti-body test at a local medical centre or ask you to apply for a Covid-19 Test through the Government website as a priority 2 key worker.

Some companies may test you at the port of joining and some are also requesting 2 weeks of temperature testing prior to going to sea. Our admin team will make you aware if this applies to you.


Will I be affected by the 14-day quarantine due when entering the UK after leaving a vessel?

No, cadets are classed as seafarers and exempt to the 14-day quarantine rule.


Will I still be getting paid?

Yes, everyone will remain on payroll and the payment schedule will be followed as planned and payments will follow the same payroll schedule. If you are on a sea phase that has been extended due to the current situation you will remain on the sea rate, but this will realign when you are back at college. Deductions will be made if there are unauthorised absences on college attendance reports.


How is attendance recorded?

If you have a scheduled lecture with the college and you are unable to addend due to ill health, then please follow the standard absence process and notify your Training Officer and the college. If this process is not followed, then deductions will be made from pay as normal if you fail to attend online classes.


Can I apply for a Notice of Eligibility?

Yes, the MCA are now taking applications on-line, you must send scanned copies of documentation, you do not need to send your full TRB and your Training officer can assist to sign any photos or forms. You are exempt from one week’s sea time and can apply if you are up to one month short, this sea time will have to be gained before your Certificate of Competency is issued. You can also apply If you have not yet completed the SQA Writtens or have short courses outstanding.  If you have any issues, please contact your Training Officer.

Please also be aware that the MCA are currently working through a back log of applications.


Can I sit the Oral or SQA Written Examinations?

The MCA are now completing oral examinations online, please be aware that the MCA are working through a backlog but as surveyors/examiners are currently not travelling to vessels as much they do have more examiners available.

The SQA written examinations will be held at college as normal. All colleges have introduced social distancing measure as well as a number of additional safety precautions making sure all cadets can work in a safe environment when at college.


Will I be able to join a vessel this sea phase?

Your sponsoring company will advise of their own procedures, they will also consider travel restrictions and quarantine procedures. Many cadets will not go to sea until this situation improves although we hope that you will be able to join a vessel in this phase as planned but we cannot be sure and will need to assess this situation daily. We are working closely with the MCA and MNTB to ensure that everyone’s training has as little disruptions as possible and that all cadets can achieve their sea time at some stage.

Currently a sea time exemption of one week has been granted before applying for your NoE and this can be up to one month if you can gain industrial experience or volunteer to help the NHS. However, this must be approved by the MCA so please speak to your Training Officer in the first instance.


I am currently at sea when can I come home?

If you are currently on board then you will remain there until suitable travel can be arranged for you to return home. If you still have a lot of sea time to complete in this phase then you should continue to work as normal and we will keep everyone updated For those of you who are coming to the end of their sea training and are due to return to college we will get you home at the earliest available port if suitable travel can be arranged.

Please be aware there are many travel restrictions in many countries and shipping companies are being advised by local agents that they are not allowed to crew change, there is also the possibility of leaving a vessel to go into quarantine before being allowed to travel home. Shipping companies only want to repatriate a cadet when they get them directly from the vessel to the airport and a flight home, if not it is safer to remain on the vessel until you reach a suitable port. It is currently easier to repatriate cadets when the vessel is calling into European and UK ports.


How will my TRB be assessed?

For those of you who have just returned from a sea phase and are yet to have your TRB marked, if you could please post these to the Glasgow head office so that the Training Officers can collect them, mark them and send them back to you.


Will there still be company meetings?

The Training Officers will work through their college visit schedule as normal and organise meetings with everyone over Microsoft Teams. Your Training Officer will be in touch with you to advise when these meetings will be and how to join them.


Can I claim expenses for travelling home?

Everyone will be able to claim back travel if they have travelled home in the past few days, only the cheapest mode will be reimbursed. Please forward all expenses and receipts to your training officer.

We understand that this is a very unsettling time for everyone and you all will have multiple questions on how this is going to affect your training specifically. We are working hard to minimise the disruption and we will keep you all updated as much as we can. If you can please all be patient as we are not able to tell what tomorrow will bring with the rapid developments of COVID-19, but we will be sure to keep you all informed along the way.


I am due to start with Clyde in January/February is this still the case?

For January/February all start dates are still going ahead and we will continue to work towards this, but we will notify cadets if this changes. Colleges are currently preparing for these intakes and it may involve a mixture of on-line and on-site learning.  If you have any issues or would like anything clarified, then please do get in touch.


I required a medical before my interview, but I cannot get an appointment, what should I do?

If this affects you then please contact and we will arrange a medical for you.


I do not know if I meet the academic requirements because my school/college exams have been cancelled, can I still start?

This will all depend on if you are able to achieve the grades listed on our website or meet the conditions listed in your offer. We appreciate that you may not know what your grades will be and now you have no control over them so please contact your schools/colleges and find out how this directly affects you and what grades you are expected to achieve.

For candidates unable to sit examinations we will take guidance from the Merchant Navy Training Board. Please get in touch for advice if you are affected.


I am a parent of next of kin of a cadet at sea and have concerns

If you are the parent or next of kin of a cadet currently at sea, please do not hesitate to contact their Training Officer if you have concern. We are closely monitoring and communicating with all cadets to ensure they are emotionally and physically well. For those that are due to be repatriated we are working with the sponsoring companies but are restricted by local travel restrictions and disrupted travel. We will only repatriate cadets if they can safely transit from the vessel to the airport with a direct flight home, if out with the UK.


How can I find out information regarding a career’s event/college event?

Due to the current pandemic career’s events are currently on hold until we receive updates regarding large gatherings from the government. Please check our website and link in with our social media platforms for on-line events and up to date news.