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Entry requirements

Whichever career path you choose, you’ll need to pass the minimum entry qualifications for the entry categories listed below.

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At CMT we look to ensure that only the best candidates make it through our selection process.

It all starts with candidates visiting our website and taking our online test, which evaluates their numeracy and literacy skills.

Successful applicants are then asked to complete an online application form, which asks them to select the type of Merchant Navy career they would like to pursue – as either a Deck, Engineering or Electro-Technical Officer. Candidates must have a minimum of four GCSE / Standard Grade / National 5 passes at grade C / Three or better, and these must include Mathematics, English and a science-based subject.

Once submitted, each application is evaluated by our team of training officers with successful applicants invited for interview at our Glasgow or Southampton offices. Candidates are then offered training berths with one of our sponsoring companies and placed at one of our seven partnering colleges and universities throughout the UK.”

To find out more about a career at sea visit

Academic Entry Requirements

For entry into the HNC/D course you will require a minimum of 4 GCSE or Standard Grade/National 5 passes at Grade C/3 or above including English, Mathematics and a Science based subject.
NOTE - If you are a Scottish applicant and are sitting the new National qualifications you will be required to hold 4 National 5s to be eligible for the HNC/D course. Entry requirements for the PD course will not be affected by this. 
Applicants for the Foundation Degree and Scottish Professional Diploma routes require 48 UCAS points from 2 or more A Levels or Highers; these must include either Physics or Mathematics.
Applicants will also require 4 GCSEs or Standard Grades at grade C/3 or above including English, Mathematics and a Science based subject. Applicants for Electro-Technical Officer training must hold the qualifications required for the Foundation Degree.

Medical Entry Requirements

For entry into training towards your chosen career path, you will need to be able to pass the MCA Seafarer Medical Examination, otherwise known as an ENG.1 Medical Examination.
These are carried out by approved doctors and the doctor should be satisfied that no disease or defect is present which could be aggravated by working at sea or present a risk to the seafarer.
You will also be required to meet the eyesight requirements of the MCA Medical Examination.  Applicants with colour deficiency unfortunately cannot be accepted.
The requirements for the MCA Medical Examination can be found by clicking on the following link:
Medical and Eyesight Standards for Seafarers 

Other Entry Requirements

All Trainees must be a National of a member state of the European Union, must hold an EU passport and must ordinarily be a resident in the UK, including having had residency in the UK for at least 36 months prior to application. Unfortunately we cannot accept applications from a non-UK address nor from those who are resident in the UK on any kind of temporary visa.
PLEASE NOTE - anyone who have previously been a Merchant Navy Officer Trainee should not apply for training with Clyde Marine Training.
If you think you match the entry criteria then please click here to apply through our online application form


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