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Clyde Marine Training offer one of the most highly regarded training programmes available, with travel and internationally recognised qualifications, plus real responsibility at a very early age with highly varied career prospects:

  • A three-year sponsored place at some of the UK’s most respected colleges
  • Get paid while you study - sponsor payments of up to £175 per week
  • A highly paid career at sea with real responsibility
  • Transferable skills that will place you in high demand in sea and shore based positions worldwide

The role of a Merchant Navy Officer is a challenging one and the training required in order to get to that stage is no different. Our sponsor companies need Officer Trainees who are ready to take on not only the difficulties of a life at sea, but also the challenges of several years of academic work.  We advise all candidates to read over the various pages included within the ‘Careers’ tab above to make sure you are clear about the career paths open to you.

The two stages of application for Clyde Marine Training are as follows:

  • Pre-Application Assessment – which will last 10 minutes and assesses candidates numerical and literacy aptitude
  • Application form – collecting your personal / educational background / qualifications / work experience details

Note – ALL APPLICANTS who complete the pre-application assessment will automatically progress to the application form.  Candidates will have 30 days to complete their application form which can be accessed via a link in an email we will send you upon successful completion of the pre-assessment, or via the link at the bottom of this page.

You will be required to provide the following personal information:

  • Passport Details
  • National Insurance Number
  • Details of academic institutions attended
  • Qualifications gained
  • Medical information
  • Previous work experience


  • All applicants have a MINIMUM REQUIREMENT of 4 GCSE / Standard Grades / National 5’s
  • These must include Maths / English AND at least one Science based subject
  • In absence of this requirement candidates can submit an HNC or other higher education qualification

You must also be able to provide full contact details of two people who are willing to provide references for you, one of which must be of a professional nature relevant to your previous job or education e.g. your last or current employer or a recent school teacher/headmaster.

Good luck!

Are you ready to apply? Please read the following information carefully before hitting the Apply Now link at the bottom of this page.

The assessment and application form that follows have been optimised for desktop use and we recommend that applicants proceed on a PC / laptop to ensure that the test runs as smoothly as possible and you do not encounter any connectivity issues if using 3/4G. If you have any difficulties whilst completing the assessment or application form please contact us.

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