***Update – Friday 13th March – Event Cancelled***

CMT Training and Events Analyst Jo Gillan, will be attending the launch of this year’s STATWARS competition at DataFest on Wednesday 18th March at The Lighthouse in Glasgow, in our role as partners of Primary Engineering.

Primary Engineer have, over the past 12 years, created an engineering curriculum that spans Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Further Education institutions.

Its core aims include the development of children and young people through engagement with engineering, the promotion of engineering careers for pupils through inspiring programmes and competitions.

The STATWARS programme is now entering its second year and is designed to encourage a generation of young people to engage with data

In 2019, pupils were asked to work in teams to analyse a large dataset of TV shows and films to produce materials based on the data analysed.

This year’s STATWARS theme for primary and secondary pupils is Climate Change Challenge and aims to empower and educate pupils to tackle climate change, by providing a project that delivers meaningful and engaging mathematics, numeracy and data literacy to pupils!

Pupils will be encouraged to:

  • Design and create a data driven infographic poster, documenting their research on climate
  • change and 3 things they will change to help reduce carbon emissions
  • Design and create an advertisement poster/manifesto pledge, where pupils can explore ways of
  • drawing attention to their ideas for change and encourage others to join them on their journey
  • Produce a 60-sec pitch to support their manifesto and encourage others to join them

Schools interested in taking part in the STAWARS competition can email info@statwarscompetition.com and visit www.statwarscompetition.com/climatechange

CMT are delighted to be involved in such an innovative project, and our training officers will play an active part in visiting schools to take part in this programme and others throughout the year.

Like many organisations, CMT are keen to be involved in projects that actively promote initiatives tackling Climate Change, with the added benefit of helping to inspire and connect with the next generation in promoting Engineering and other STEM subjects.

As Training & Events Analyst, Jo works with various types of data every day, and understands and understands it’s importance in the decision making process, and is looking forward to participating in such a worthwhile programme.

Dr Susan Scurlock MBE, founder and CEO of Primary Engineer Programmes, will also be in attendance at our own client conference which takes place the following day at Mar Hall, and we look forward to her enlightening guests on the many benefits the Primary Engineer programme has delivered.