On The 2nd and 3rd of March Clyde Marine Training (CMT) joined forces with five other maritime focused companies to host 500 Primary 6 children from across central Scotland at the City of Glasgow College as part of the ‘Buoyed Up@Work’, giving them an insight into the world of shipping.

Buoyed Up is an initiative organised by the Sir Thomas Lipton Foundation charity which aims to ensure that children attending schools in areas designated as having acute social and economic disadvantage, can be inspired to achieve their full potential, with a specific focus on sailing, and with support from the maritime community.

At this event, each maritime company hosted a learning zone, where children could learn what was involved in building a ship, navigating ships, and even survival skills at sea.

And in the case of Clyde Marine Training, children were able to build their own star wheel, showing them what constellations are in the sky at any given time, echoing the navigation by the stars employed by sailors many years ago.

And to provide a modern take, we also let them use Virtual Reality headsets, part of the new tool kit to teach cadets, allowing them to experience what it’s like to be onboard and navigate or work in engine rooms.

In this specific case, however, the children were fighting off dragon heads attacking the ship…as well as some teachers.

The Sir Thomas Lipton Foundation is a charity that CMT have supported since 2016 and we are delighted to get hands on involved again after a COVID enforced hiatus.

CMT General Manager Thomas Campbell provided the following thoughts around our involvement: “The maritime industry has long benefited from a diverse workforce, pulled together from all backgrounds, and Buoyed-Up is a fantastic initiative that ensures we are looking to future generations.

“We want children of all backgrounds to feel that the Merchant Navy can be a home for them, and events such as this help to excite and hopefully inspire some to do just that.”

Echoing those thoughts, Laurence Brady, Founder and Director of the Sir Thomas Lipton Foundation commented: “‘This first combined Buoyed Up@Work initiative made a big impression on nearly 500 Primary 6 children from 11 primary schools. For many, it was their first introduction to shipping, the maritime world, and future opportunities.

“The two-day event simply couldn’t have taken place without the creativity, resourcefulness and readiness of Clyde Marine Training, City of Glasgow College and other shipping companies with a base in Scotland to work together.

“By doing so, they have demonstrated how it’s possible to help children from the most disadvantaged communities make horizon-expanding discoveries about the sea.  I greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone involved and look forward to building on the success of this first Buoyed Up@Work experience. “

To find out more about The Sir Thomas Lipton Foundation and Buoyed Up@Work visit: