Clyde Marine Training (CMT), maritime training provider and RelyOn Nutec, training partner to safety-critical industries have announced a global training partnership.

The new partnership enhances CMT’s Training Management Services package by combining its vast experience and competence in training, personnel management, and administration with RelyOn Nutec’s significant training catalogue and 32-location infrastructure.

In 2022, CMT announced the launch of its new TMS to complement its longstanding cadet management services, providing a single point of contact to marine and offshore clients for all global workforce training requirements.

Partnering with RelyOn Nutec grows the 100+ list of training centres already available to CMT’s clients and their respective workforces, further ensuring appropriate and effective utilisation of training budgets.

Chris Brown, TMS Manager, Clyde Marine Training, said: “Since our Training Management Services service line was launched, we have grown a holistic, overarching training solution that delivers 360° training administration and management coverage whilst improving our clients’ compliance, competency, and operational risk.

“We are very pleased to add RelyOn Nutec, a reputable global operator with an extensive global training footprint, to the suite of training suppliers available in our TMS offering.

“By growing the close-to-home training centre options to trainees, we are greatly reducing their time away from family, reducing travel carbon footprint and further evidencing high-quality, cost-effective training solutions to our clients.”

Colin Leyden, Vice President of Partnerships and New Markets, says: “Clyde Marine Training is a respected and recognised company focused on the delivery of quality safety training and services to companies operating across the maritime and offshore sectors. Our shared focus on delivering quality training and service coupled with RelyOn Nutec’s global footprint and range of digital solutions offers clients a broader and more flexible choice for their needs while delivering on our joint commitments to the environment.”