Summer is a busy time for Clyde Marine Training as we look to recruit the next generation of Merchant Navy seafarers, but it is also a time where we get to celebrate the graduation of current cadets.

Whilst we are proud of all the cadets who successfully pass through our doors, we also like to recognise those who have achieved special recognition from their respective colleges upon graduation.


City of Glasgow College

Dale Blair (Sponsoring Company: Tidewater) – Engineering Cadet of the Year

Mikolaj Kasprzak (RCL Cruises Ltd.) – Deck Cadet of the Year

Robert Meddings (Northern Marine) – Northern Lighthouse Board Prize as Engineering Cadet of the Year

Dean Woods (Tidewater) – Northern Lighthouse Board Prize as Deck Cadet of the Year

Joseph William Jepson Stringer (Vroon Offshore Services Ltd.) – Best Progress Award in Nautical Studies

Jade Kirkwood (Tidewater) – Faculty Recognition Award for Nautical Science


Fleetwood Nautical Campus

Zenden Terrell (Maritime Education Foundation) – Cadet of the year


South Shields Marine School

Lisa McKie (Disney Cruise Line) – Cadet of the year


Warsash Maritime School

Elle Mattin (RCL Cruises Ltd.) – Deck cadet of the year

Erin Callow (Costco Maritime UK Ltd) – Engine cadet of the year

Charlie Harrison (Union Carriers) – The Isambard Brunel Engineering Cup


Scottish Maritime Academy

Kyle Mark McGonagle (Sentinel Marine) – Cadet of the year


Shetland School of Nautical Studies

Adam Tait (Vroon Offshore Services Ltd.) – Cadet of the Year


We thank all our graduating cadets for their hard work, focus and determination over the last 3-years, and wish them all every success in their careers to come.