The City of Glasgow College summer graduation ceremony took place on Thursday 16th June at Glasgow Cathedral, and representatives of Clyde Marine Training (CMT) were delighted to be in the audience to congratulate all of our graduating cadets.

Amongst them were the following three cadets, selected as the CMT Deck, Engine and Overall Cadet of the Year, who deserve special recognition.

The CMT Deck Cadet of the Year was Ailsa Hepburn (sponsoring company Vroon)

On their reasons for selecting Ailsa, college representatives commented: “Ailsa has been really good since day one. She always worked hard, asked questions and put in the extra effort to ensure she kept up with her academic studies.  She gets on well with everyone in the class and has displayed a talent for keeping everyone on track.”

The CMT Engineering Cadet of the Year was Nikolai Gordon (sponsoring company Tidewater)

On their choice of Nikolai, the college commented: “Nikolai has been an excellent cadet throughout his course and his determination to do well was noticeable to all. He has maintained very high standards through both his academic units and practical workshops and showed himself to be a very good team player, supportive of his peers’ learning. “

The CMT Overall Cadet of the Year was ETO Derek Buchan (sponsoring company Tidewater)

The college provided the following reasons for their choice: “Derek has been phenomenal since phase one and being older than all of his classmates we found him to be a great mentor to some of the younger cadets, keeping them and himself in good spirits when times were tough during lockdown, and is going to make an excellent ETO when he qualifies.”

CMT Training Officer Andrew Tait was on hand to present the three cadets with their awards and offered his own praise. “All three cadets chosen have been fantastic in their attitude and desire to do well during their studies, and everyone at Clyde Marine Training joins me in wishing them and their fellow graduating classmates the very best in their future Merchant Navy Careers.”