In late May 2023, our cadets were invited through the CMT Cadet newsletter to take part in our first regularly scheduled photo competition, with cadets asked to ‘capture the experience of being at sea, be it locations, horizons, operations on board or even colleagues at work.’

And its fair to say that they didn’t disappoint!  We received over 60 photos, all of an extremely high quality, and after much deliberation amongst the team we are now delighted to announce our first winners.

In first place we have South Shields Marine School Phase 3 cadet Samuel Murphy (Sponsoring Company: Norbulk Shipping), who titled his picture “Calm before the storm” as we look out over the main deck of the ship on a mid-Atlantic crossing between Boston, USA and Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Samuel received a £100 Amazon voucher for his submission.

In second place we have Warsash Maritime School Phase 5 cadet Connor Hare (Sponsoring Company: RCL Cruises Ltd), who whilst serving onboard The Odyssey of the Seas, can be seen pictured on a lifeboat in in Nassau Bahamas as a drill is being conducted, with the cruise ships in the background.  Connor receives a £50 Amazon voucher for his submission.

And in third place, we have Shetland School of Nautical Studies Phase 4 cadet Thomas Haddon (Sponsoring Company: Calmac Ferries Ltd), who took this picture on his first sea phase (as part of Northern Marine Fleet) when anchored off Panama for stores and bunkering, and commented: “It was during a lightning storm so I took loads of bursts of photos and managed to capture this moment a lightning strike struck the ground.” Thomas receives a £25 Amazon voucher for his submission.

Three fantastic submissions we’re sure you’ll agree, and we thank all of our cadets who took the time to submit an entry.