As COVID-19 affects working conditions for almost everyone, cadetships are continuing with support from Clyde Marine Training.

Training Officers have been hosting digital group classes for Cadets and have been liaising closely with UK maritime colleges, the Merchant Navy Training Board and the Maritime Coastguard Agency to best ensure minimum interruption to their learning.

Katy Womersley, General Manager, CMT, said: “Like everyone, we have had challenges to overcome in order to deliver the service expected of us by our clients and the Cadets themselves.

“Over the past few weeks our Training Officers have been liaising with their assigned cadets and all colleges to ascertain the full impact of the outbreak on the cadets’ sea and college learning phases.

“We hope the digital classrooms via a range of video conference platforms will keep the cadets motivated and engaged during this period as they can speak to each other and their Training Officer in a relaxed group atmosphere.

“The positive outcome of this difficult situation is how adaptive and forward thinking all involved parties have been.”

The Company has also been in touch with all Cadets currently undertaking their sea-phase learning to ensure they are aware communication channels with their Training Officers remain open.

In many cases Cadets are requesting to stay onboard beyond their shipboard contract term, as it is preferable to travelling with restrictions and spending time in mandatory precautionary quarantine upon their repatriation.

As well as supporting the current crop of cadets, induction of future cadets also continues with the final two winter intakes proceeding in April.

Humber Maritime Academy will be delivering a Deck HNC course and Fleetwood Nautical Campus an HND in Engineering, both courses commencing in April.

Katy added: “This really will be a showcase for online and virtual learning, as this will be those respective cadets’ first experience of the Maritime Industry.

“The past few weeks has been a great success, which is testament to the dedicated CMT team, robust systems and excellent communication through Microsoft Office Teams video meetings, telephone and email.

“It is imperative that the flow of new seafarers into the industry continues, and we – alongside industry stakeholders – are doing all we can to ensure this is achieved.”